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The God Frequency – A Gateway to Spiritual enlightenment

Exploring the Divine Vibration – Understanding The God Frequency

From early ages to nowadays sounds and music had always been an important factor in human civilizations.

Music and Sounds collect people together from all parts and from different cultures. In ancient times tribes in Africa who participated in ceremonies of movement and sounds  also in India and Tibet music and especially specific sounds and music instruments who produce special sound frequency waves took a big part in their culture.

The ancients knew how to use music and sounds to their own needs.

What is the God Frequency hz?

God frequency hz is known as 963 hz – 963 hz is well known as the sound frequency who connects with the universe.

Why is 963 hz known as the God Frequency?

963 hz, 369 hz and 693 hz are all unique sound waves frequencies. 

Listening to 963 hz audio recordings of music sounds through earphones or headphones can help you achieve more blessings and can assist you manifest your desired dreams.

Nikola Tesla was one of the smartest men on the Planet.

He knew the main Power of the secrets numbers 3, 6 and 9.

One of the well-known quotes from Nikola Tesla was “If you want to know the universe, think in terms of Energy,Frequency and Vibration.

Why is Binaural Beats so important in our daily routine?

When you listen to top class Binaural Beats sound frequency through stereo headphones or earphones engineered by experts in music sounds can assist you in all aspects of Life.


The Benefits of God Frequency are : 
  • Make your brain more sharper with a higher level of awareness. You’ll connect to your Spiritual body and soul.
  • Your creativity will shine and you’ll feel better physically and mentally.
  • You will be in a positive attitude that will assist you to achieve your goals in Life.

God Frequency hz – 963 hz the sound frequency that connects with the universe can help any individual achieve their goals in life by listening to 963 hz frequency sound.


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